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School Calendar: 2023-2024

HuaYuan Chinese Academy (HYCA) is an after school educational institution. We follow the schedule of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).

Your prompt REGISTRATION is greatly appreciated, if not yet.


Aug. 28: First day of school;

Sep. 04: School closed (labor day);

Sep. 22: Online class with Zoom (MCPS early release day);

Sep. 25: School closed;

Oct. 09: School closed;

Nov. 01: School closed;

Nov. 20-21: Online class with Zoom (MCPS early release day):

Nov. 22-24: School closed;

Dec. 25-29: School closed


Jan. 02: School closed;

Jan. 15: School closed;

Jan. 29: School closed;

Feb. 19: School closed;

Mar. 01: Online class with Zoom (MCPS early release day);

Mar. 25 - Apr.  01: School closed;

Apr. 10: School closed;

Apr. 22: School closed;

May 14: School closed;

May 27: School closed;

Jun. 13: Last day of School. Online class with Zoom

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