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Welcome to Huayuan

H​uayuan Chinese Academy (HYCA) is formed by a group of dedicated educators who devote themselves to providing young children with the oppotunities in l​earning Chinese language and culture. It is the first after-school Chinese educational institution in the greater Washington DC metro area. We str​ive to provide the daily immersion of Chinese in an enriched Chinese envionment to local communities. Multilingustic capability is essential in t​oday's globalized collaborations and world economy. As China has emerged from a period of stagnation and become one of the great powers of the world, a high quality of Chinese linguistic educiation will provide a competeive edge for the young Americans to become tomorrow's worold leaders. At HYCA, we also provide help for students to extend their learning experience beyond their classrooms. The students will engage in building the knowledge, skills, and attidue to be successful and contributing members of a global society.

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