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2021 STARTALK STEM-Integrated Chinese Learning Program

The 2021 STARTALK STEM-Integrated Chinese Learning Program is an innovative program from which students will gain an increased interest and understanding of Chinese culture and language. This exciting three-week summer camp program will be held online 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM, from July 6, 2021 to July 23, 2021. The curriculum is constructed around the storyline of the fictional character Water Baby's fun life, magic 

show, and adventures, with the STEM-based theme "Explore Water, an Essential Element of Life'. The curriculum integrates hands on linguistic, cultural, and scientific activities, all designed based on the World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages. At the end of the program, students will be able to greet each other, exchange simple information about themselves and their family members, as well as topics related to three states of water, water cycle, and water pollution, and follow simple steps in Chinese for scientific experiments. There will be an optional extension of ten-week classes, possibly online or in person. Our targeted student population includes rising 2nd to 5th graders. The admission to the program is highly competitive due to the seat limits. To learn more of this FREE program or to apply, click HERE.

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