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Letter to Parents

Multi linguistic capability is essential in today’s globalized collaborations and world economy. As the world is beginning to recognize China's rise in international standings, it has become apparent that a strong grasp of the Chinese language and the ability to overcome language barriers will prove to be a great asset for success. There are currently 40,000,000 people in the world learning Chinese, and with a 5-10% increase every year, this number will reach 100 million in 5 years. Under these circumstances, the question for us is no longer whether or not to learn Chinese, but rather how best to learn it -- how best to increase our children's competitiveness in a new society.

The optimal time to learn new languages is at a young age, when children can not only develop their mother tongue, but also easily pick up a second language. Neuro-developmental and psychological studies have demonstrated that the first six years of life comprise the critical period for language development, as well as the optimal time to learn a second language. After this critical period, the difficulty of learning another language increases with age. Regarding the most effective way of learning a second language, research has proven that stimulus and success rates are directly proportional, where greater volume and frequency of stimuli are the most important determinants of success. Taking into consideration as well the limited attention span of children, the projected benefits of daily study far surpasses those of weekly study.

We all know that children have flexible tongues, and excellent memorization and observation skills. In addition, children have great curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. In contrast to adult language learning, which relies on cognition, language acquisition for children derives from rote memory. Taking advantage of what we know about the ways children learn, it becomes essential to provide the best environment and means for them to learn a second language, while encouraging their interest in learning, in order to achieve the best results.

Welcome to Huayuan Chinese Academy, the first after school Chinese educational institution in the greater Washington DC metro area, where your children will learn Chinese in an enriched Chinese environment on a daily basis and their interest in the language and culture will be fostered. We look forward to seeing you and are ready to start working with your children.

Your vision determines the future success of your children

Huayuan Chinese Academy

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